Monday, May 18, 2009

Scanned Score and Guitar Tab Collection List April 2009

Do you have any tabs that I do NOT? Here is my list of what
I have to trade. I am mainly interested in bands from the 1980’s and 1990s
(Glam/Hair/Rock/Sleaze/Metal/etc./Type bands).


1. Look at my List of books I have already.

2. Compare what you have to what I DO NOT HAVE.

3. Send me a list of what you have (IN NOTEPAD) that I DO NOT HAVE
-REMEMBER I usually ONLY trade for tabs I DO NOT HAVE & mainly interested
in bands from the 1980’s and 1990s (Glam/Hair/Rock/Sleaze/Metal/etc./Type bands).

4. Trades are usually;
• Scores(JPN or other type of score) for scores---1 for 1
• Guitar/bass scans for guitar/bass tab scans---1 for 1
• Scores for guitar tabs---1 Score for 2-4 Bass/guitar tabs

*NOTE: Some tabs I may not trade---BUT ask anyways and we could work out a trade ;)


You can download my Scanned Tab/Score Collection list At:


JAP or JPN = Japanese Band Score Book

JAP GUITARS or JPN GTRS = Japanese guitar tabs

SHEET = Sheet music or standard music notation

SCORE = Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.

PTAB or NOT SCANS = These are guitar album tab books made by individuals, studios(VLR,
MidWest Guitar), or PT(Power Tab albums put in PDF format).

BASS = Bass guitar tab book.

JPN-COMPLETE = This book WAS missing songs and is now complete.
Many do not have the COMPLETE BOOK.


ACDC - Stiff Upper Lip.pdf
Doobie Brothers - Complete Best (Full Band Score).pdf
Dream Theater - Keyboard Anthology (Piano).pdf
George Lynchs - Signature Mob Licks+MP3s.rar
Guitar Play Along - Acoustic Rock Vol 18+MP3s.rar
Guitar Play Along - David Lee Roth Vol
Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death.pdf
Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death.pdf
Joe Satriani - Super Collossal.rar
Joe Satriani - The Best Of Signature Licks+MP3s.rar
Led Zeppelin - I(SCORE).pdf
Lynyrd Skynyrd - The New Best Of.rar
Metallica - Legendary Licks 1988-1996
Nightwish -
No Doubt - The Singles 1992-2003(SHEET).pdf
Queen - A Kind Of Magic(SHEET).pdf
Queen - Made in heaven(SHEET).pdf
Slaughter - The Wild Life(PTAB).pdf
The Doors - Rock Score 5 Of the Greatest(SCORE).zip
The Police - Signature Licks+MP3s(Isbn#0634050915).rar
Wolfmother - Wolfmother.pdf


Al Di Meola - Cielo e Terra(SHEET).pdf
Asia - Best(JPN).rar
Bob Marley - Best Of(5 SCORES).pdf
Cacophony - Go Off! & Speed Mtl Symphny Selections(PTAB).rar
Candlebox - Candlebox.pdf
David Gilmore - On An Island.pdf
Earth Wind & Fire - Best(JPN).pdf
Elvis Costello Best(JPN).rar
Fleetwood Mac - Anthology.pdf
George Lynch - Young Guitar Lesson Extra#21+MP3s.rar
Guitar Play Along Vol 55+MP3s - Pop Metal.rar
Hanoi Rocks - Volume 1(JPN).rar
Janis Joplin - The Best Of.rar
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced(SCORE).rar
Joe Satriani - Best Of Joe Satriani(BASS).rar
John Petrucci - Suspended Animation.pdf
Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity.pdf
Loudness - Heavy Metal Hippies(JPN).zip
Loudness - On The Prowl(JPN).rar
Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget The Best Of.pdf
Metallica - Kill em All(BASS).pdf
Overkill - Taking Over.pdf
Rod Stewart - Best(JPN).pdf
Roy Orbison - The Definitive Roy Orbison Collection(SHEET).pdf
Rush-Grace Under Pressure(JPN SHEET-ISBN 4-11-770660-8).zip
Sepultura - Schizophrenia.pdf
Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music.pdf
The 70's Rockscore - Five of the Greatest.pdf
The Beatles - Basslines(BASS Isbn0711930988).pdf
The Police - The Best Of(BASS).rar

Unsaved Instructional\Eric Johnson - Wild Stringdom.rar
Unsaved Instructional\George Lynch - Phil Hilborne A_Z Riffs+MP3s.rar
Unsaved Instructional\Greg Howe - Instructional Collection(Scans&PTAB).rar
Unsaved Instructional\Jason Becker - Instructional Collection.rar
Unsaved Instructional\Kee Marcello - REH video booklet.pdf
Unsaved Instructional\Kiko Loureiro - Instructional Collection.rar
Unsaved Instructional\Nuno Bettencourt - Masterclass+MP3.rar


100 Songs For Kids.pdf
Abba - Greatest Hits(Sheet).pdf
Accept - Russian Roulette (JPN-PDF).rar
ACDC - Black Ice(Character Tab).pdf
ACDC - Bonfire(INCOMPLETE).rar
ACDC - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous(JPN Guitar).pdf
Al Di Meola - Super Guitarist(JPN).zip
Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy(JPN).pdf
Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.pdf
Alcatrazz - Super Best(JPN).pdf
Anthrax - The Sound Of White Noise(JPN).rar
Anvil - Best(JPN).rar
Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation(ISBN0-7935-1017-1).zip
Bass Tab White Pages.pdf
Beach Boys - The Best of (GTR SHEET).pdf
Billy Idol - Charmed Life[(Vrs 2)ISBN 0-89524-533-7].rar
Blind Melon - Soup.pdf
Bon Jovi - Crossroads(JPN).rar
Bon Jovi - New Jersey(Bass).rar
Boston - Boston(SHEET SCORE).rar
Brian May -
Brian May - Super Rock Guitarist(ISBN0861754506).pdf
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Best(JPN).rar
Bryan Adams - Reckless(JPN).rar
Bulletboys - Bulletboys(BASS).rar
Carmine Appice - Guitar Zeus(JPN).rar
Chet Atkins - The Guitar Of.pdf
Chet Atkins - Vintage Fingerstyle.pdf
Cinderella - Long Cold Winter(JPN).rar
Cinderella - Night Songs(JPN).rar
David Bowie - Best(JPN).zip
Deep Purple - Greatest Hits Signature Licks+MP3s.rar
Deep Purple - Made In Europe(JPN).rar
Deep purple, Rainbow, Dio, Whitesnake - Purple Rainbows (JPN).rar
Eric Clapton - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Europe - Rock The Night The Very Best Of Europe Disc 2(JPN).zip
Faster Pussycat - Wake Me When Its Over(Bass).rar
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters(SCORE).pdf
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats(MISSING CAMEL SONG).rar
Gary Moore - Heavy Metal (JPN).zip
Great White - Hooked(JPN).rar
Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy(JPN).rar
Guns N' Roses - Appettite For Destruction(Bass).rar
Guns N' Roses - Best Of(Bass).rar
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II(Bass).rar
Heart - Best(JPN-ISBN 4-401-34943-1).zip
Helloween - Better than raw.rar
Iron Maiden - Anthology+MP3s.rar
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden(1980).pdf
Iron Maiden - Killers(JPN).rar
Iron Maiden - Powerslave(BASS).rar
Iron Maiden - Rock Score 5 Famous Songs(SCORE).pdf
Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time(BASS).rar
Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time(JPN).rar
Jeff Beck - In Session with Play Along+MP3s.rar
Jethro Tull - Rock Score 5 Great Songs(SCORE).pdf
Joe Satriani - Signature Guitar Licks+MP3s.rar
Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory(Bass).rar
Judas Priest - Classics.rar
Judas Priest - Phil Hilborne A_Z Riffs+MP3s.rar
Kingdom Come - In Your Face(JPN).rar
King's X - Gretchen Goes To Nebraska.rar
Kiss - Crazy Nights(JPN ALBUM SCORE).rar
Kiss - Kiss(ISBN0793568722).pdf
Kiss - The Best of 26 Classics for Bass.pdf
Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy(SCORE).pdf
Led Zeppelin - Presence.pdf
Lionel Richie - Super Best(JPN SHEET #4-8108-5338-1).zip
Live - Secret Samadhi.pdf
Living Colour - Times Up.pdf
Loudness - Jealousy(JPN).rar
Loudness - Loud N' Rare (JPN).rar
Loudness - The Law Of Devils Island(JPN).rar
Lynryd Skynrd - Street Survivors.pdf
Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise.rar
Metallica - S&M Highlights.rar
Michael Angelo - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Michael Schenker - Super Guitarist(JPN).zip
Motley Crue - Greatest Hits.pdf
Mr Big - Raw like Sushi II(JPN).pdf
MSG-Built To Destroy(JPN).rar
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons.pdf
Nickelback - The Long Road.pdf
Nirvana - The Bass Collection(Bass-Isbn0793573378).pdf
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell.pdf
Pearl Jam - Ten(Bass-Isbn0793523680).pdf
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason.pdf
Play guitar with...20 metal bands+MP3s.rar
Play Guitar With...Punk 6
Poison - Flesh & Blood(JPN).rar
Poison - Native Tounge(Bass).rar
Poison - Open Up & Say Ahh(PTAB).rar
Queen - Super Best(JPN).pdf
Quiet Riot - Randy Rhodes Years(JPN).rar
Rainbow - Bent Out Of Shape(JPN COMPLETE).rar
Raindow - Rainbow Rising & The Best(JPN).rar
Rammstein - Liederbuch.rar
Ratt - Perfection(JPN).rar
Ratt - Ep(JPN-COMPLETE).rar
Richie Kotzen - Mother Heads Family Reunion(JPN-COMPLETE).rar
Richie Kotzen-Change(JPN-ISBN 4-636-16334-6).zip
Rock Guitar Bible.pdf
Rock Guitar Play Along+MP3s.rar
Rush - Snakes and
Santana - Moonflower(JPN-SHEET-0073-34200-3129).zip
Scorpions - Blackout +2(JPN GTRS).pdf
Scorpions - Love at First Sting.rar
Scorpions - Super Best(JPN-ISBN 4-8108-5817-0).zip
Scorpions - World Wide Live Selections(JPN).rar
Shotgun Messiah - Second Coming(PTAB).pdf
Skid Row - Subhuman Race(JPN).pdf
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya (JPN).rar
Steely Dan - The Best Of.pdf
Steve Perry - Street Talk(JPN-ISBN 4-11-770630-6).zip
Sting - Nothing Like the Sun(SCORE).pdf
System Of A Down - Toxicity.pdf
Tears For Fears - Songs from the big chair(JPN).pdf
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance(BASS).rar
Testament - Practice What You Preach(JPN).pdf
Testament - Souls of Black(JPN).pdf
The Allman Brothers Band(JPN-ISBN 4-401-34565-7).zip
The Beach Boys - The Best of(GTR SHEET).pdf
The Beach Boys - The Best Of(JPN).pdf
The Bee Gees - Anthology(Sheet).pdf
The Cars - Heartbeat City(JPN).rar
The Cure - Greatest Hits or Best of Standing on a Beach Single.pdf
The Kinks - Guitar Legends.rar
The Kinks - Jam With+MP3s.rar
The Power Station - The Power Station(JPN-8525008-501).zip
The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Strt(Score).pdf
The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed.pdf
The Rolling Stones - Rock Score 2 Six Classic(SCORE Isbn0711930112).pdf
The Rolling Stones - Singles Collection - The London Years.rar
The Who - The Definitive Guitar Collection-Volume F-Li.pdf
Thin Lizzy - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve & Other Stories(SHEET).pdf
Trans Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Attic(SHEET).pdf
Treat - Scratch and Bite(JPN GTR).zip
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses.rar
UFO - Best(JPN).rar
UFO - Complete Best[A.K.A. Strangers in the night+1(JPN)].zip
UFO - Heavy Metal(JPN GTRS).rar
Van Halen - 2.pdf
Van Halen - Best of-Volume 1.pdf
Van Halen - Off The Record(JPN).pdf
Various Artists - Female Various Artists(JPN).rar
Various Artists - New York Punk Best(JPN-ISBN 4-401-34853-2).zip
Vivian Campbell - Learn to Burn+MP3s(Dio Solo&Rhythm Segments).rar
Warrant - Cherry Pie(Bass).rar
Warrant - D.R.F.S.R.(Bass).rar
White Lion - Pride(VLR.PTAB).pdf
Winger - In The Heart Of The Young(Bass).rar
Winger - Winger(Bass).rar
Yngwie Malmsteen - Eclipse.pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - Live!! '98 Brazil(JPN GTR).rar
Yngwie Malmsteen - Signature Guitar Licks+MP3s.rar
Yngwie Malmsteen - The Seventh Sign(JPN).pdf
Zakk Wylde - The Best Of+MP3s(ISBN1575603365).rar
ZZ TOP - Best Of(Bass).rar


50 Essential Bebop Heads Arranged For Guitar - ISBN 07935587.pdf
'80s Flashback - 22 Great Rock Hits.pdf
Accept - Balls To The Wall(JAP).rar
Accept - Best(JPN).rar
Accept - Metal Heart(JPN-PDF).rar
ACDC - Angus Young Guitar Collector's.rar
ACDC - Anthology.rar
ACDC - Back In Black (ISBN 0825613051).pdf
ACDC - Classic ACDC The early years.pdf
ACDC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.rar
ACDC - Highway To Hell.pdf
ACDC - Live.pdf
ACDC - RazorsEdge.pdf
ACDC - Rockscore 7 Famous Songs.pdf
ACDC - The Best Of[EUR-ISBN0711919755].rar
ACDC - Who Made Who.rar
Adrian Vandenberg - Heavy Metal(JPN GUITARS).zip
Aerosmith - 1973 to 1969 Signature
Aerosmith - 1979 to 1998 Signature licks NO MP3s (ISBN0793583322).pdf
Aerosmith - 9
Aerosmith - Best full band score (JPN).pdf
Aerosmith - Big Ones.pdf
Aerosmith - Get A
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits.pdf
Aerosmith - Pump.pdf
Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic.pdf
Akira Takasaki - Ki(JPN).zip
Al Di Meola - Music Words Pictures.pdf
Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin And Paco De Lucia - Friday Nigh.pdf
Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill.pdf
Alcatrazz - Disturbing The Peace(JPN).rar
Alcatrazz - Live Sentence(JPN).rar
Alcatrazz - No Parole From RNRoll(JPN).rar
Alice Cooper - The Best Of For GuitarTab(ISBN0711962782).rar
Alice Cooper -
Alice In Chains - Dirt.pdf
Alice in Chains - Facelift.rar
Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies & Sap.rar
Alice in Chains - Unplugged.pdf
Alien Ant Farm - ANThology.pdf
Allan Holdsworth - Just for
Allan Holdsworth - Super Guitarist.pdf
Angra - Angels Cry(JPN).zip
Angra - Fireworks(JPN).rar
Angra - Holy Land (JPN).rar
Angra - Rebirth (JAP).pdf
Angus Young - Original Gtr Styles of.rar
Annihilator - Set the World On Fire (JPN).rar
Annihilator - The Best(JPN).rar
Anthrax - Among the living & Spreading the Disease Selections(JPN).pdf
Anthrax - Anthrax 2 Best Of(JPN).rar
Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer Bs.pdf
Anthrax - Fistful Of
Anthrax - Persistence Of
Anthrax - State Of Euphoria(JPN).rar
Asia - Selections from Asia and Alpha(JPN).rar
Asia - Super Best(JPN).rar
Avril Lavigne - Let Go Album(Sheet).rar
Avril Lavigne - Under my skin(Sheet).rar
Baby Animals - Five Of The Best.pdf
Babylon AD - Babylon AD.rar
Bad English - Bad English.pdf
Badlands - Badlands.pdf
Badlands - Voodoo Highway(JPN).rar
Badlands - Voodoo Highway(NOT SCAN-VLR).rar
BB King - Play Guitar With+MP3s.rar
Billy Idol - Billy Idol Songbook Play It Like it is.pdf
Billy Idol - Charmed Life.rar
Billy Idol - Rebel yell.rar
Billy Idol - The Songs From Vital Idol.pdf
Billy Sheehan - Best Of(JPN).pdf
Billy Squier - Don't Say No(SHEET).rar
Billy Squier - Emotions in Motion(SHEET).rar
Black Label Society - Selections[JAP].rar
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath.rar
Black Sabbath - MasterOfReality.pdf
Black Sabbath -
Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul-.rar
Blackmore's Night - Night under a violet moon(JPN).rar
Blackmore's Night - Shadow of the moon(JPN).rar
Blackmores Nights - Fires At Midnight(JPN).rar
Blink 182 - Blink 182.pdf
Blink 182 - Dude ranch-Songbook.rar
Blink 182 - Enema of the state(Vrs 1).rar
Blink 182-enema of the state(Vrs 2).zip
Blue Murder - Blue Murder(JPN).rar
Blue Murder-Best Of(JPN).rar
Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.rar
Bob Dylan - Rockscore.rar
Bob Dylan-Finger Picking.pdf
Bob Marley - One Love - The Very Best Of(ISBN 0711991278).pdf
Bon Jovi - 7800 Farenheight(JPN).zip
Bon Jovi - Best of(JPN).zip
Bon Jovi - Best of(Korean).pdf
Bon Jovi - Bounce.pdf
Bon Jovi - Crossroads.pdf
Bon Jovi - Crush Tab
Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith.pdf
Bon Jovi - New
Bon Jovi - Perfection(JPN).rar
Bon Jovi - Play Guitar With+MP3s.rar
Bon Jovi - Rock Score 8 Famous Song(SCORE).zip
Bon Jovi - Slippery When We.pdf
Bon Jovi - These
Boston - Best(JPN).rar
Boston - Third Stage(JPN).pdf
Boston - Walk On.pdf
Brian May - Back To The Light.rar
Brian Setzer - Legendary Licks+MP3s.rar
Brian Setzer Orchestra - 10 great
Brighton Rock - Young, Wild And Free(SCORE).rar
Britny Fox-Britny Fox.rar
Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire(UK).rar
Bruce Springsteen - Rock Score 8 Famous Songs(SCORE).zip
Bryan Adams - Early Years Play Guitar With.rar
Bryan Adams - Play Guitar With+MP3s.rar
Bryan Adams - Rock Score 6 of his Hits(SCORE Isbn 0711931658).pdf
Bryan Adams - The Best Of Me(GTAB).rar
Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbours (guitar).rar
Bulletboys - Bullet Boys(NOT SCAN).rar
Bulletboys -
Bush - Sixteen
Cheap Trick - greatest hits(full score).rar
Cheap Trick - Live At Budokan(JPN).zip
Chet Atkins - Almost Alone - ISBN
Chuck Berry - Guitar Recorded
Cinderella - Best Of (JPN).rar
Cinderella - Heartbreak Station(JPN).rar
Cinderella - Heartbreak Station.pdf
Cinderella - Long Cold
Cinderella - Night Songs.pdf
Cold Chisel - The Best Of.pdf
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head(Sheet).pdf
Coldplay - Best(JPN-ISBN 4-401-36254-3).zip
Coldplay - Live 2003(Sheet).pdf
Coldplay - Parachutes(Sheet).pdf
Coldplay - X&Y(Sheet).pdf
Cranberries - Best Of.pdf
Cream - Disraeli Gears(Isbn0793516471).rar
Cream - Rock Score.pdf
Cream - The Cream Of Cream(USA-ISBN0711957428).rar
Creed - Human Clay.rar
Creed - My Own Prison.rar
Creed -
Creedance Clearwater Revival -
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Super Best(JPN-ISBN 4-8108-5922-3).zip
Danny Gatton - 88 Elmira St.pdf
Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets.pdf
Dave Matthews Band - Crash.pdf
David Bowie - Let's dance(JPN).pdf
David Bowie - Play acoustic guitar with+MP3s.rar
David Bowie - The best of for guitar Superstar Series([Isbn0897240537).pdf
David Gilmour - Original.rar
David Lee Roth - Skyscraper(JPN).rar
David Lee Roth-Eat Em & Smile(JPN).rar
David Lee Roth-Eat-m-& Smile and Skysrcaper(Selections).rar
Deep Purple - Burn (JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - Fireball(JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - In Rock(JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - Live in Japan(JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - Machine Head(JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - Purpendicular(JPN).pdf
Deep Purple - Tribute (JAP).pdf
Deep Purple - Who Do U think U R(JPN).rar
Deep Purple-Best of(USA).zip
Deep Purple-House of Blue Light(Jap).zip
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers(Jap).zip
Deep Purple-Slaves and Masters(Jap).zip
Def Leppard - Adrenalize.rar
Def Leppard - High & Dry+Pyromania.pdf
Def Leppard - Hysteria(JPN).zip
Def Leppard - Hysteria.pdf
Def Leppard - Pyromania(Jap Guitar).zip
Def Leppard - Retro Active.pdf
Def Leppard - Signature Licks+MP3s.rar
Def Leppard -
Def Leppard - Super Best(KRN Score).rar
Def Leppard - Vault 1980 to 1995[USA-ISBN0769204988].rar
Depeche Mode-Violator(Sheet).zip
Dio - Best Hits Score[AKA Super Best(JPN)].rar
Dire Straits - Money For
Dire Straits-Play Guitar With+MP3s.rar
Disturbed - Believe.pdf
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists.pdf
Dokken - Back For Attack(Jap Guitar).rar
Dokken - Back For The Attack(NOT SCAN-VLR).zip
Dokken - Erase The Slate(Jap).zip
Dokken - Tooth And Nail(NOT SCAN-VLR).zip
Dokken - Under Lock and Key(Jap Guitar).rar
Dokken - Under Lock and Key(NOT SCAN-VLR).zip
Dokken-Beast From The East (JPN).rar
Dokken-Beast from the east.rar
Dokken-One Live Night(JPN).rar
Dokken-Tooth & Nail (JPN).rar
Don Dokken-Up From the Ashes(Jap).rar
Doobie Brothers - Guitar Anthology.pdf
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons(JPN 4 SCORES).zip
Dream Theater - Awake (JAP-full score).rar
Dream Theater - Best Of Anthology(US-SCORE).rar
Dream Theater - Images And Words (JAP-full score).rar
Dream Theater - Images And Words(US).rar
Dream Theater - Octavarium.pdf
Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory(JPN).rar
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos.pdf
Dream Theater- 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence(US).zip
Dream Theater-Awake(US).zip
Dream Theater-Falling into(US).zip
Dream Theater-Train Of Thought.pdf
Dream Theatre - When Day...(Jap).rar
Dream Theatre-Metropolis Pt.
Duran Duran - Super Best(JPN).pdf
Eagles - Best Of(JPN).pdf
Eagles - Greatest Hits 1971-1975(Sheet).zip
Eagles - Jam with Guitar +MP3s.rar
Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley(USA-ISBN0793503531).rar
Elvis Presley - Guitar Tabs & Chords(Web Book).rar
Emerson Lake and Palmer - Best(JPN Sheet).zip
Eric Clapton - Signature Licks Book NO
Eric Clapton - 24 Nights.pdf
Eric Clapton - Back Home.pdf
Eric Clapton - Crossroads Vol
Eric Clapton - Crossroads Vol
Eric Clapton - Crossroads Vol
Eric Clapton - From the Cradle(BITMAP).zip
Eric Clapton - Hal Leonard Play-Along Volume#41.rar
Eric Clapton - Journeyman.pdf
Eric Clapton - Reptile.rar
Eric Clapton - Selections From Blues.rar
Eric Clapton - Timepieces(USA-ISBN0793522102).pdf
Eric Clapton -
Eric Clapton & BB King - Riding With The King.pdf
Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom.rar
Eric Johnson - Signature Licks NO
Eric Johnson - Tones.rar
Eric Johnson - Venus Isle.rar
Europe - Out of This World(JPN).rar
Europe-Final Countdown(JPN).zip
Europe-Final Countdown(Sheet).rar
Europe-Prisoners of Paradise(JPN).rar
Europe-Super Best(JPN).rar
Europe-Wings of Tomorrow(JPN Guitar).rar
Extreme - Best of(JPN).rar
Extreme - Extreme(JPN).rar
Extreme - III Sides To Every Story (JPN).rar
Extreme - III sides to
Extreme - Pornograffitti.pdf
Extreme - Waiting For The Punchline.rar
Faith No More - King For A Day.pdf
Faith No More - The Real Thing.rar
Faster Pussycat - Bathroom Wall.rar
Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat.pdf
Fastway - Best(Selection from all fired up&1st albm)(JPN).rar
Fates Warning - Best(JPN).rar
Firehouse - 3(JPN).rar
Firehouse -
Firehouse - Hold Your
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters.rar
Foo Fighters - The Color And The Shape.pdf
Foreigner - Rock Best Hits Vol 1(JPN-Sheet)
Foreigner - The Best Of Foreigner.pdf
Frank Zappa - The Frank Zappa Guitar Book.pdf
Franz Ferdinand Songbook.PDF
Free-The Best Of.pdf
G3- live in
Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free (JPN).rar
Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out...(Jap).rar
Gamma Rays-Insanity & Genius(Jap).rar
Gary Hoey - Best Of.pdf
Gary Moore - After Hours.pdf
Gary Moore - Ballads & Blues(ENG).pdf
Gary Moore - Greatest Hits Full Band(Score).pdf
Gary Moore - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Gary Moore - Original Gary
Gary Moore - Still Got The .zip
Gary Moore - The guitar style of .pdf
George Lynch - Best of.rar
George Lynchs - Signature Licks NO MP3s.rar
Giuffria - Giuffria(JPN).rar
Godsmack- Awake.rar
Goo Goo Dolls - Collection(SCORES).pdf
Great White - Best(JPN).rar
Great White - Hooked.pdf
Great White - Twice Shy.pdf
Green Day - American Idiot (guitar book).pdf
Green Day - Insomniac(EUR-ISBN1576232956).pdf
Green Day - International Superhits(USA-ISBN0757990231).rar
Green Day - Nimrod.pdf
Green Day-1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.rar
Green Day-Dookie.pdf
Green Day-Kerplunk.pdf
Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits(JPN).rar
Guns N'Roses - Apettite For Destruction.rar
Guns N'Roses -
Guns N'Roses - Riff by
Guns N'Roses - The Spaghetti
Guns N'Roses - Use Your Illusion 1.pdf
Guns N'Roses - Use Your Illusion
Hanoi Rocks - The Best Of(JPN 15 Songs).rar
Harem Sarem-Best(JPN).rar
Harem Scarem - Believe(JPN).zip
Harem Scarem - Mood Swings(JPN).zip
Harem Scarem - Weight Of The World(JPN).rar
Harem Scarem-Voice of Reason(JPN).rar
Heart - Guitar Anthology.pdf
Heart - Guitar
Heart - Heart(JPN).rar
Heavy Metal Ballads.pdf
Heavy Metal Rock Score - Five
Heavy Metal Vol.1(Sheet).rar
Heavy Metal Vol.2(Sheet).rar
Heavy Metal Vol.3(Sheet).rar
Hellecasters - The Return Of The Hellecasters.rar
Helloween - Chamaleon (Jap).rar
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I(JPN).pdf
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II(JPN).pdf
Helloween - master of the ring (full score, japan).rar
Helloween - The Dark Ride (Full Band Score).rar
Helloween - Time Of The Oath(Jap).rar
Huey Lewis and the News - Rockscore.pdf
Impelliteri - Eye Of The hurricane (JPN).rar
Impellitteri - Answer to...(Jap).zip
Impellitteri - Best Of..(Jap).rar
impellitteri - crunch (Jap).rar
Impellitteri - Grin &...(Jap).rar
Impellitteri - Screaming...(Jap).rar
Impellitteri - Stand In Line(JPN).rar
Incubus - The Best Of.pdf
Iron Maiden - 7th Son of a 7th Son(1988).zip
Iron Maiden - A Real Live One(JPN).rar
Iron Maiden - Brave New World.rar
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark(UK SCORE).pdf
Iron Maiden - Guitar Collectors&MP3s.rar
Iron Maiden - Jam With+MP3s.rar
Iron Maiden - Killers Selections(JPN GTRS).pdf
Iron Maiden - No prayer for the dying(JPN - 1990).pdf
Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast(JPN GTRS - 1992).rar
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind(JPN GTRS-1983).zip
Iron Maiden - Powerslave&Somewhere In Time(Bass).rar
Iron Maiden - Powerslave(1984).pdf
Iron Maiden - The 1st 10
Iron Maiden - The Original Guitar Styles Of.rar
Iron Maiden - The X Factor(1995).zip
Iron Maiden- Best of 1(JPN).pdf
Iron Maiden- Best of 2(JPN).pdf
Iron Maiden- Piece Of Mind(JPN GTRS-1983).pdf
Iron Maiden- Somewhere In Time(1986).pdf
Iron Maiden- Super Best(JPN).pdf
Iron Maiden-A Real Dead
J.J. Cale - The Very Best Of.pdf
Jake E Lee-Young Guitar Extra #13 +MP3s.rar
James Hetfield-The Art Of - ISBN 1575601427.pdf
Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn(PTAB).pdf
Jeff Beck - Anthology.pdf
Jeff Beck - Best Of.rar
Jeff Beck - Guitar Shop.pdf
Jeff Beck - Who Else.rar
Jeff Healey Band-Hell To Pay.rar
Jeff Watson - Lone Ranger (JPN).rar
Jetboy - Feel The Shake(JPN).rar
Jethro Tull - Guitar Anthology Series.rar
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced.rar
Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As(Score).zip
Jimi Hendrix - Blues.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland - ISBN 0793533856.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - First Rays Of The New Rising Sun - ISBN 07935.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - In Deep With Hendrix.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - Live At Woodstock.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - Radio One.pdf
Jimi Hendrix - Starlicks+MP3s.ZIP
Jimi Hendrix South Saturn Delta.pdf
Jimi Hendrix-Band Of
Jimi Hendrix-Signture Licks+Mp3s.rar
Jimi Hendrix-South Saturn.rar
Jimmy Page - Starlicks+MP3s.rar
Jimmy Page - Super Rock Guitarist Vol.1.pdf
Joe Satriani - Joe Satriani.rar
Joe Satriani - Riff by Riff.pdf
Joe Satriani - Surfin With .rar
Joe Satriani - The Extremist.pdf
Joe Satriani - Time Machine 1.pdf
Joe Satriani-Crystal
Joe Satriani-Dreaming #11.pdf
Joe Satriani-Flying in
Joe Satriani-Is There Love....pdf
Joe Satriani-Not of
Joe Satriani-Phil Hilbourne Riffs+MP3s.rar
Joe Satriani-Time Machine 2.pdf
JOHN LENNON - Greatest hits(SCORE).zip
John Scofield - Time On My Hands.pdf
John Sykes - Heavy Metal(JPN).rar
John Sykes - Out Of My Tree (JPN).rar
John Sykes-Best Of(JPN).rar
John Sykes-Super Guitarist(JPN).rar
Journey - Superbest (KRN).rar
Journey-Raised on Radio(JPN).rar
Journey-The Guitar Collection.pdf
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith.pdf
Judas Priest - Early Years(USA-GUITAR SHEET-ISBN0895241889).rar
Judas Priest - Metal Cuts.pdf
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest - Ram It Down.pdf
Judas Priest - Super Best(JPN).rar
Judas Priest - Vintage Hits.pdf
Kansas - Rock Best Hits Vol 2(JPN-Sheet Score 0073-34204-3129).zip
Keel-The Final Frontier(JAP).rar
King Crimson - In the court of the crimson king(JPN).rar
Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come(JPN).rar
Kings X - Kings x.pdf
Kings X-Best Of(JPN).rar
Kiss - ALIVE(USA-GUITAR-ISBN0793568749).rar
Kiss - Animalize(Jap).rar
Kiss - Asylum (JPN).rar
Kiss - Creatures Of The Night(JPN).rar
Kiss - Double Platinum(JPN).rar
Kiss - Guitar Play Along Vl 30+MP3s.rar
Kiss - Killers(JPN).rar
Kiss - Lick It Up(JPN).rar
Kiss - Live Japan (JAP).pdf
Kiss - Love Gun(JPN).pdf
Kiss - Music From The Elder(JPN).zip
Kiss - Revenge(JPN).pdf
Kiss - The Best Of 26 Classic Hits For Guitar.rar
Kiss - The Best of Signature Licks+MP3s.rar
Kiss - Unmasked(JPN).zip
Kiss - Vol 3(JPN).rar
Kix - Blow My
Korn - Follow the Leader.rar
L.A. Guns-Hollywood Vampires.rar
L.A.Guns - Best of(JPN).rar
LA Guns - Cocked and Loaded(JPN).rar
LA Guns - Hollywood Vampires(JPN).rar
Led Zeppelin - 1.pdf
Led Zeppelin - 2(SCORE).zip
Led Zeppelin - 3(SCORE).rar
Led Zeppelin - 4(SCORE).pdf
Led Zeppelin - Guitar Collectors[Tab+Cd].zip
Led Zeppelin - Physical
Lenny Kravitz - Circus.rar
Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits(Score).rar
Linkin Park-Meteora.[USA-ISBN0757914152].rar
Lion - Dangerous Attraction(JPN).rar
Lion - Power Love(JPN).rar
Lionsheart - Lionsheart(JPN).zip
Lita Ford - Lita(Selections).zip
Living Colour - Best Of Guitar Tab Book.rar
Loudness - Devil soldier(JPN).rar
Loudness - Disillusion(JPN).rar
Loudness - Hurricane Eyes(JPN).rar
Loudness - Hurricane Eyes(PTAB).rar
Loudness - Lightning Strikes(PTAB).rar
Loudness - Loudness(PTAB).rar
Loudness - Masters Of Loudness(JPN).rar
Loudness - Shadows Of War(JPN).rar
Loudness - Soldier Of Fortune(PTAB).rar
Loudness - Spiritual Canoe(JPN).rar
Loudness - The Pandemonium(JPN).rar
Loudness - Thunder in the East(JPN).zip
Loverboy - Lovin every minute of it(JPN).rar
Lynch Mob - Lynch
Lynch Mob - Sacred Groove(JPN).rar
Lynch Mob - Smoke This(JPN).rar
Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation.rar
Lynyrd Skynyrd - The New Best Of Lynyrd
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes.pdf
Madonna - Best Of (JAP).rar
Mark Knopfler - Guitar styles.rar
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane.pdf
Marty Friedman - Scenes (JPN).zip
Matchbox 20 - More Than You Think You Are.rar
Matchbox 20 - Yourself Or Some one Like You.rar
Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell(JPN).rar
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction(BMP).zip
Megadeth - Cryptic Writings.pdf
Megadeth - Prime
Megadeth - Rust in
Megadeth - Selections From .pdf
Megadeth - The Best (All Score).rar
Megadeth - The System has Failed.rar
Megadeth - The World Need
Metallica - And Justice For All [Bass].pdf
Metallica - And Justice For All.rar
Metallica - Best of(French Guitar Tab).pdf
Metallica - Black Album(Vrsn 1).rar
Metallica - Black Album(Vrsn 2).rar
Metallica - Black Album[Drums](Russian).zip
Metallica - For Easy Guitar Tab - ISBN 0711972214.pdf
Metallica - Garage Inc.pdf
Metallica - Kill'em all.pdf
Metallica - Legendary Licks 1983-1988 - ISBN 1575602814.pdf
Metallica - Live Binge and Purge.rar
Metallica - Load.pdf
Metallica - Master of
Metallica - Reload.pdf
Metallica - Ride The Lightning [Drum].pdf
Metallica -Ride the Lightning(Russian Score).pdf
Metallica - Ride The Lightning.rar
Metallica - St. Anger.pdf
Metallica - The Black Album [Bass].pdf
Michael Schenker - Anthology(AKA-Best of).zip
Michael Schenker - Starlicks+MP3s.rar
Motley Crue - Motley Crue 1994(PTAB).zip
Motley Crue - Decade Of Decadence(JPN).pdf
Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood(JPN).pdf
Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls(JPN).rar
Motley Crue - Girls, Girls,Girls(PTAB).zip
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil(JPN).rar
Motley Crue - Theater Of Pain + 4 Best(JPN).rar
Motley Crue - theater Of Pain(PTAB).zip
Motley Crue - Too Fast..(4 Songs-PTAB).zip
Motley Crue- Shout At The Devil(PTAB).zip
Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood(NOT SCAN-VLR).rar
Motley Crue-Motley Crue 1994(JPN-ISBN 4-401-34806-0).zip
Motorhead - Best Of(JPN).zip
Mr Big - Get Over It(JAP).rar
Mr Big - Live Raw like sushi I (JPN).pdf
Mr. Big - Bump Ahead.pdf
Mr. Big - Lean Into It.pdf
Mr. Big - Mr. Big.rar
Mr.Big - Hey Man.rar
MSG - Karaoke best 10 (JAP+Mp3s).rar
MSG - Save yourself(Vrs 1).rar
MSG - The Michael Schenker Group(JAP).rar
MSG - Unplugged(JPN).rar
MSG-Adventures of The Imagination(JAP).rar
MSG-Assault Attack(JAP).rar
MSG-Best Rock Guitar Collection (JAP).rar
MSG-Perfect Timing.rar
MSG-Save Yourself(Vrs 2).rar
Muse-Black Holes and Revelations.rar
Muse-Origin of Symmetry.rar
Neil Young - Decade(Sheet).pdf
Neil Young -Best of(JPN).pdf
Night Ranger - 7 Wishes(US).rar
Night Ranger - Best Of 1(JPN).ZIP
Night Ranger - Best Of 2(Jap).rar
Night Ranger - Big Life(JPN).rar
Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol(Jap).rar
Night Ranger - Greatest Hits(JPN).rar
Night Ranger - Seven Wishes(JPN).rar
Nirvana -
Nirvana - From The Muddy Banks Of Wishkah.pdf
Nirvana - In Utero.pdf
Nirvana - Incesticide.pdf
Nirvana - Live in NY.rar
Nirvana -
Nuno Bettencourt-Schizophonic(JPN).rar
Oasis - Be Here Now.pdf
Oasis - Definitely maybe.rar
Oasis - Whats The Story Morning Glory.rar
Offspring - Ixnay On The Hombre.pdf
Offspring - Smash(ISBN 0-7935-8065-X).rar
Offspring-Conspiracy of 1.rar
Overkill - The Years Of Decay.rar
Ozzy - Bark at the moon (JPN).pdf
Ozzy Osbourne - Best
Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of A Madman(JPN).zip
Ozzy Osbourne - Down To Earth.pdf
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears.pdf
Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest For The Wicked(JPN).pdf
Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute(USA-ISBN0895243474).rar
Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin(JPN).pdf
OzzyOsbourne - Ozzmosis.rar
Pantera - Guitar Anthology.pdf
Pantera - Recopilation[Selections from Cowboys and Vulgar(Score)].rar
Pantera - Reinventing The Steel.pdf
Pantera - Selections From Far Beyond
Pat Benatar - Precious Time.pdf
Pat Benetar - Best(JPN).zip
Pat Metheny - Guitar Tab.pdf
Paul Gilbert - Alligator...(Jap).rar
Paul Gilbert - Burning Organ(JPN).rar
Paul Gilbert - Flying Dog(JPN).rar
Paul Gilbert - Guitar Technique (JPN).rar
Paul Gilbert - Guitars from Mars 1&2 (JPN).rar
Paul Gilbert - King Of Club(Jap).zip
Paul Gilbert - Master Class+MP3s.rar
Pearl Jam - Ten.pdf
Phil Collins - Rockscore.pdf
Pink Floyd - Animals(One song -SHEET).pdf
Pink Floyd - Anthology.pdf
Pink Floyd - Best(JPN).rar
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon.pdf
Pink Floyd - Division Bell.rar
Pink Floyd - GGITS(1 Song).pdf
PINK FLOYD-Comfortably Numb(Span).rar
Pink Floyd-Early Classics.rar
Pink Floyd-The Wall.pdf
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here.rar
Poison - Best Of.rar
Poison - Look What the Cat Dragged In(JPN).rar
Poison - Look What the Cat Dragged In.pdf
Poison - Native
Poison - Open up & Say ahh!(JPN).pdf
Poison-Flesh &
Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged In(PTAB).rar
Poison-Open up and say ahh!!(PTAB).rar
Presidents of the USA - Presidents of the USA I - ISBN 0-7935-6347-X.rar
Presidents of the USA - Presidents of the USA II - ISBN 0-7935-7607-5.rar
Pretty Maids - Scream (JPN-PDF).rar
Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese.rar
Prince - Purple Rain (JPN).pdf
Queen - A Night At The Opera(ISBN0793538491).rar
Queen - Greatest Hits Score(ISBN0863599508).rar
Queen - Piano & Voice Sheet Music.pdf
Queen - UNKNOWN(Piano&Vocal Sheet Music).pdf
Queen The Best Of - Signature Licks + MP3s.rar
Queen-Guitar Collectors&MP3s.rar
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime.rar
Queensryche-Operation Mind Crime(JPN).rar
Queensryche-Operation Mind Crime(NOT SCAN-MidW).rar
Queensryche-Promised Land(Jap).zip
Queensryche-The Warning(JPN).rar
Queensryhce-Empire(NOT SCAN-MidW).rar
Quiet Riot - Metal Health.rar
Quiet Riot - The Best Of.rar
Quiet Riot-Condition Critical(JPN).rar
Quiet Riot-Metal Health(JPN).rar
R.E.M. - Out Of Time(Isbn 0793527430).pdf
Racer X - Live Extreme (JPN).zip
Racer X - Street Lethal(JPN).zip
Racer X - Technical Difficulties (Japanese Edition).rar
Racer X-Second Heat (JPN).rar
Racer X-Superheroes(JPN GUITARS).zip
Radiohead - OK Computer(Isbn1859095119).pdf
Radiohead - The Bends.rar
Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire.ace
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine.rar
Rage Against the Machine-The Battle Of Los Angeles.pdf
Rainbow - Best Of(JPN).zip
Rainbow - Difficult To Cure(JPN GUITARS).rar
Rainbow - Down to Earth(JPN-Guitar).rar
Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes(JPN GUITAR).rar
Rainbow - Stranger in us All(score).rar
Rammstein - Rammstein.rar
Randy Rhoades - Original Randy Rhoades(USA).pdf
Randy Rhoads-Original Randy Rhoades+Mp3s(SPAIN).rar
Ratt - Dancing Undercover.rar
Ratt - Detonator (Jap).zip
Ratt - Invasion of Your Privacy.rar
Ratt - Out of the Cellar.pdf
Ratt - Reach For The Sky(JPN).rar
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way.rar
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits (bass book).pdf
Red.Hot.Chili.Peppers - Mothers Milk.pdf
Red.Hot.Chili.Peppers - One Hot Minute.rar
Red.Hot.Chili.Peppers- Out In LA.pdf
Red.Hot.Chili.Peppers- What's Hits.rar
Red.Hot.Chili.Peppers-Blood,sugar,sex, magic.rar
REM - The Best Of... In Time 1988-2003.rar
Reo Speedwagon-Hi Infidelity(JPN GUITARS).rar
Retro '80s - 30 Hot Hits.pdf
Richie Kotzen- Young Guitar- 100%(JPN).zip
Richie Kotzen -Young Guitar-DVD Mag(JPN).zip
Richie Kotzen-Best(JPN).rar
Richie Sambora-Stranger in this town.rar
Riot - The Privilege Of Power (JPN).rar
Ritchie Blackmore - Jam
Ritchie Blackmore - Rock Score.rar
Ritchie Blackmore - The Best of(JPN GUITARS Various Scans).pdf
Riverdogs - Riverdogs.rar
Rob Zombie - Hellbelly
Robert Cray - Strong persuader.rar
Robert Johnson - King Of The...rar
Rock 'n' Roll Rockscore (SHEET-Isbn0711919933).pdf
Rockabilly Guitar Play-Along.pdf
Royal Hunt - Best(JPN-ISBN440134927X).rar
Rush - Chronicles(JPN-ISBN 4-8108-5918-5).zip
Rush - Moving Pictures.rar
Rush - Rush Guitar Anthology.pdf
Ryan Adams -
Santana - Supernatural.rar
Santana-Jam With +MP3s.rar
Santana-Off.The.Record(EUR-ISBN086359767X SCORE).pdf
Savatage - Gutter Ballet.PDF
Saxon - Crusader(JPN GUITARS).rar
Scorpions - Best Of.pdf
Scorpions - Crazy World.pdf
Scorpions - face the
Scorpions - Love at First Sting (GTR SHEET).pdf
Scorpions - Pure Instinct.rar
Scorpions-Love At First Sting(JPN).rar
Scorpions-Savage Amusement(JPN).rar
Scorpions-World Wide Live Selections(JPN).rar
Scott Henderson - The Best Of.pdf
Scott Henderson - The Scott Henderson Guitar Book.pdf
Seahorses-Do It Yourself(EUR).rar
Sepultura - Arise.rar
Sepultura - Beneath The Remains.rar
Sepultura - Chaos A.D.rar
Sepultura - Roots.rar
Sex Pistols -- Flogging A Dead Horse(JPN).rar
Sex Pistols -- Never Mind The Bollocks(JPN).rar
Sex Pistols-Never Mind the Bollocks(UK Sheet).rar
Sex Pistols-The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle(UK Sheet).rar
Silverchair - Frogstomp.pdf
Silverchair-Signature Guitar Licks(-mp 51-65).exe
Simon & Garfunkel - Best Selection(JPN-ISBN 4-401-36016-8).zip
Skid Row - Skid Row(JPN).rar
Skid Row - Subhuman Race(Jap).ace
Skid Row-Skid Row.pdf
Skid Row-Slave 2 The Grind.pdf
Slaughter - Fear No Evil(JPN).zip
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya(PTAB).rar
Slayer - Divine Intervention.rar
Slayer - Reign In Blood.pdf
Slayer - Riff by
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss.pdf
Slayer - Show No Mercy.pdf
Slayer - South Of Heaven.rar
Slayer -Decade Of Aggression.pdf
Slayer- Undisputed Attitude.pdf
Slayer-Hell Awaits.rar
Smashing Pumpkins - siamese dream.rar
Sonata Arctica-Best Of (JPN).rar
Soul Asylum-Let Your Dim Light Shine.rar
Sound Garden - Superunknown.pdf
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger.pdf
Soundgarden - Best Of-For Bass.rar
Spin Doctors - Pocket Full Of Kryptonite.pdf
StageDolls-Stage Dolls.rar
Steely Dan - Unknown Title[Complete to Aja(Guitar&VocalSheet)].rar
Steppenwolf-The Best Of.rar
Steve Morse - Coast To Coast.rar
Steve Morse - The Complete Styles.pdf
Steve Morse - Transcriptions(Collection of guitar tabs&Articles&Excs).rar
Steve Morse-Best Of.rar
Steve Morse-High Tension Wires.exe
Steve Morse-Southern
Steve Morse-Structural
Steve Vai - Alien Love Secrets NAKED VAMPS+MP3s.rar
Steve Vai - Fire Garden NAKED VAMPS+MP3s.rar
Steve Vai - Fire Garden.pdf
Steve Vai - Guitar Styles & Techniques NO MP3s.pdf
Steve Vai - Sex And Religion.pdf
Steve Vai - Ultra Zone.pdf
Steve Vai-Extravaganza(Skyscraper and Eatm&Smile Selections).rar
Steve Vai-Flexable&leftovers&dist&eat
Steve Vai-Passion &
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn't
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Step.pdf
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In The
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lightnin' Blues 1983-1987.pdf
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Signature Licks NO MP3s.pdf
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Soul To
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Best Of.rar
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying.pdf
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Texas
Sting - Mercury Falling Songbook.pdf
Sting - Rock Score 7 Superb Sting Songs.rar
Sting - The Best Of - Fields Of Gold 1984-1994.pdf
Stone Roses-Play Guitar With+MP3s.rar
Stone Roses-Stone Roses.rar
Stone Temple Pilots-Best Of.rar
Stone Temple Pilots-Purple.pdf
Stratovarius - 4th Dimension(JPN).zip
Stratovarius - Dreamspace(JPN).pdf
Stratovarius - Episode(Jap).pdf
Stratovarius - Visions(JPN).pdf
Stray Cats - Stray Cats(JPN).rar
Stray Cats (Brian Setzer) - Guitar Score.pdf
Stryper - Best Hits Score(JPN).zip
Stryper - In God We
Stryper - To Hell with the devil.rar
Survivor-Best Of(JPN).rar
Symphony-X - Best Of [JAP].rar
System Of A Down - Steal This Album.rar
Tesla - Psychotic Supper.rar
Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy(BASS).zip
Tesla-Bust a Nut(PDF).rar
Tesla-Great Radio Controversy(PDF).rar
Tesla-Mechanical Resonance(PDF).rar
Testament - The New Order.pdf
Testament - The
Testament-Practice What U....pdf
Testament-Souls of Black.pdf
The 1980s - The Decade Series.rar
The 60's & 70's Rockscore - Nine of the Greatest(SCORE).pdf
The 80's Rock Score - Six of the Greatest(SCORE).zip
The Beach Boys- Best Of(JPN).rar
The Beatles - Complete Scores.pdf
The Beatles - Complete Web Songbook.pdf
The Beatles - fingerpicking.rar
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.rar
The Beatles - White Album(Jap).rar
The Beatles -1 .[EUR].[OK].rar
The Beatles Guitar Songbook (Russian).rar
The Beatles-Revolver.rar
The Black Crows - Guitar Anthology Series(ISBN0769284175).pdf
The Black Crows - The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion.PDF
The Black Crows-Shake Your Money Maker.rar
The Cars - Guitar Anthology.pdf
The Church - Starfish(ISBN0895244055).pdf
The Clash-Best Of(JPN).rar
The Cult - Pure Cult(Gtr&Bss).rar
The Cult -Sonic Temple(Sheet Score).rar
The Cult-Electric(Jap).pdf
The Cure - Disintegration.rar
The Darkness - Permission To Land(PTAB).zip
The Doors- Supertab For Guitar.pdf
The Doors-Guitar Tab Anthology.pdf
The Kinks - Best of (full score japan).pdf
The Knack - Best(JPN).rar
The Listmaker.exe
The Police - The Best of.rar
The Police- Every Breath You Take The Singles (JPN).rar
The Ramones - Best (JPN).rar
The Ramones - Guitar Anthology
The Rolling Stones - Guitar Classics(ISBN0793539943).rar
The Rolling Stones - Rock Score 9 Famous songs.pdf
The Rolling Stones - The Best Of (JPN 18 Songs).pdf
The Steve Miller Band-Rock Best Hits(JPN SHEETcopy-0073-34202-3129).zip
The Who - Rock Score 5 Classic Songs(SCORE).rar
Thin Lizzy - Dedication-The Very Best Of(Score).rar
Tom Petty - Guitar Anthology Series.pdf
Tony Macalpine - Edge Of Insanity(JPN).rar
Tony Macalpine - Maximum Security(Jap).zip
Tony Macalpine - Super Guitarist(JPN).rar
Total Guitar 2006-Metal Special Audio.exe
Toto - Best Of (JPN).rar
Toto - Guitar Anthology Series(ISBN0769206263).pdf
Trixter - Trixter(PTAB).rar
Twisted Sister- Come out&play (Jap).rar
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry (Jap).rar
U2 - The Joshua Tree.rar
U2 - War(JPN).pdf
U2-Best of.pdf
U2-Rock Score(UK SCORE).rar
UFO - Complete Best[AKA Strangers in the night(JPN).pdf
UFO-Strangers In The Night(JPN).rar
Ugly Kid Joe - America's Least Wanted.pdf
Van Halen - 1.pdf
Van Halen - 1984.pdf
Van Halen -
Van Halen - 5 of The Best.pdf
Van Halen - 5150(JPN).rar
Van Halen - Anthology.pdf
Van Halen - Diver Down (JPN).rar
Van Halen - Fair Warning.pdf
Van Halen - For Unlawful Ca.pdf
Van Halen - Women & Children First.rar
Van Halen-Jam With & MP3s.rar
Van Halen-OU812.pdf
Various Artists - Progressive Rock(JPN-ISBN 4-401-34698-X).zip
Vince Neil - Exposed(Selections).rar
Vinnie Moore -
Vinnie Moore - Mind's Eye(Jap).rar
Vinnie Moore - Time Odyssey.rar
Vinnie Vincent - Selections(All Syst.&Invasion).rar
Vixen - Rev It Up(Not scans).pdf
Vixen - Vixen(Not Scans).pdf
Warrant - Cherry Pie.pdf
Warrant - Dirty-R-F-S-Rich(NOT SCAN-VLR).rar
Warrant - Dog Eat Dog(JPN).pdf
Wasp - First Blood Last Cuts.rar
Wasp - Last Command(JPN GUITARS).zip
Wasp - The Headless Children.rar
Wasp - Wasp(JPN).rar
Weezer - The Blue Album(ISBN 0793545811).pdf
White Lion - Big Game (JPN).zip
White Lion - Big Game.rar
White Lion-Mane Attraction Selections(8 Songs).rar
White Lion-Pride(JPN-PDF).rar
White Lion-Pride(NOT SCAN-VLR).zip
White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000.rar
White Zombie - La Sexorcisto.pdf
Whitesnake - 6 Rockin riffs with MP3'
Whitesnake - Best Of(JPN).pdf
Whitesnake - Off the Record(ENGL SCORE).pdf
Whitesnake - Slip Of The Tongue (JPN).rar
Whitesnake - Slip of the Tongue Selections(+4 JPN).rar
Whitesnake- Guitar Superstar
Whitesnake-Jam With+MP3s.rar
Whitesnake-Serpens Albis(JPN).rar
Whitesnake-Slide It In(JPN).rar
Wieland Harms-Rock Guitar Originals.pdf
Winger - In The Heart Of The Young.pdf
Winger - Pull.rar
Winger -
XYZ - xyz.rar
Y&T - Down For The Count(JAP).rar
Y&T - Mean Streak(JAP).rar
YES - The Best of YES for
Yngwie Malmsteen - Alchemy(Jap).pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - Attack!!(JPN).zip
Yngwie Malmsteen - Concerto Suite(JPN GTR).zip
Yngwie Malmsteen - Facing the Animal(Jap).zip
Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire & Ice.pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - Inspiration (JPN).rar
Yngwie Malmsteen - Live!!(JPN).rar
Yngwie Malmsteen - Magnum Opus(JPN).zip
Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out.pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen -
Yngwie malmsteen - Professional approach(JPN GTR).pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - REH Instructional.pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising
Yngwie Malmsteen - Trial by Fire Live In Leningrad(JPN).rar
Yngwie Malmsteen -
Yngwie Malmsteen - War to End All Wars(JPN).rar
Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows(JPN).rar
ZZ Top - Antenna(ISBN0898987415).rar
ZZ Top - Eliminator(SCORE).rar
ZZ Top - Greatest Hits.rar

A Personal Lesson With Carl
Advanced Scale
Banjo Tabs.rar
Bill Evans - Fakebook(Piano Sheet).PDF
Brian Setzer - hot licks booklet.rar
Brian Setzer - Hot Licks Tabs.rar
Chord-Melody Phrases for Guitar +
Chords & Scales For
Complete Idiots Guide to Playing the
Dave Celinteno - Speed Metal Neoclassical
Eric Johnson - Wild Stringdom.rar
Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book NO CD.rar
Frank Gambale - Improvisation Made Easier - ISBN 1576236102.pdf
Frank_Gambale-Chop Builder Book Only.pdf
frank_gambale-master guitar class II.rar
funk_guitar_-_the_essential guide+MP3s.rar
Gary Willis - Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar & Bass+MP3s.rar
George Lynch - Phil Hilborne A_Z Riffs+MP3s.rar
Greg Howe - Instructional Collection(Scans&PTAB).rar
Greg Howe - Kick it all over song with instruction(Gtr mag).pdf
Guitar Basics - Bruce Buckingham.pdf
Guitar Gym -- Parts 1 - 20.pdf
guitar lessons with the greats NO
Guitar Soloing part 1 and part of
Hard Rock Taping.pdf
Hiroshima pray for peace
Jason Becker - Instructional Collection.rar
John Petrucci - Wild Stringdom NO
JS Bach 4 Electric Guitar+MP3s.rar
Kee Marcello - REH video booklet.pdf
Kiko Loureiro - Instructional Collection.rar
Left Hand
Lynrd Skynrd-Rhythm&Guitar Styles+MP3s.rar
Marty Friedman - Melodic
Mathias Eklundh - Freak
metodo de guitaro - heavy
Mixing Scales.pdf
Music Theory 4 Rock Guitarist NO CD.rar
Nuno Bettencourt - Masterclass+MP3.rar
Paul Gilbert guitar 101 cllctn
Peter Fisher - Rock Guitar Secrets CD
Picking Power - 10 Ways To
Push and Pull
Richie Kotzen - Rock Chops NO
Robben Ford - Ain't Got Nothing
Robben Ford - Blues for
Rock Guitar Secrets NO CD.pdf
screaming_fingers e-book.pdf
Shred Guitar - Paul Hanson NO CD.pdf
Soloing using the
Soloing with Chromatics +
St.Grossman - Country Blues Guitar In Open Tunings on DVD.pdf
steve_morse_a lesson from the
The Art Of
The Diminished Scale for
The Diminished Scale+MP3s.rar
The Guitar Handbook.rar
the_rhythm_method_-_a top down funk tutorial.rar
Total Guitar 2006-Metal Special CD ONLY.rar
Troy Stetina - Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. II CD ONLY.rar
Troy Stetina - Speed and thrash metal guitar technique NO CD.rar
Troy Stetina-heavy metal lead guitar vol 1 NO
Troy Stetina-heavy metal lead guitar vol 2 NO
Two Hand Rock for guitar.rar
Van Halen Master Class.pdf


ACDC - Dirty Deeds Done Dir.pdf
ACDC - WhoMadeWho.pdf
ACDC-Big Gun.rar
Aerosmith -
Aerosmith -
aerosmith - love_in_an_elev.rar
aerosmith - monkey_on_my_ba.rar
Aerosmith - TheOtherSide.pdf
Aerosmith - Walk This Way.rar
Alice Cooper - School's Out.pdf
bach - gigue(GTR MG).rar
beatles - blackbird.rar
Billy Idol - catch my fall.rar
Billy Idol - hot n moment.rar
Billy Idol - Rebel
Billy Idol - Sweet 16.rar
Billy Idol - White Wedding.rar
Black Crowes - remedy.pdf
Black Crowes -
Black Sabbath - Supernaut.pdf
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Legend(2 Tabs).pdf
Bon Jovi - Blood On
Bon Jovi - Its My
Bon Jovi - One Wild
BTO - Takin care of business.pdf
Bulletboys - KissinKitty.pdf
Bulletboys - SmoothUpInYa.pdf
Bulletboys-For The Love Of Money.rar
Bulletboys-ForTheLoveofMoney (bass).rar
Bulletboys-Smooth Up In Ya.rar
Chuck Berry -
Chuck Berry -
Chuck Berry -
Chuck Berry -
Chuck Berry -
DangerDanger - BangBang(PTAB).pdf
DangerDanger - NaughtyNaughty(PTAB).pdf
Deep Purple -
Deep Purple -
Deep Purple -
Dio - Wild One.pdf
Dio-Holy Diver(GTR&BASS).rar
Dio-Rainbow in the Dark.rar
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing.pdf
Dokken-dance of the dogs.pdf
Dokken-TooHightoofly(JPN-bad scan).pdf
Electric Boys - All Lips 'N Hips.rar
Electric Boys - Into the Woods.rar
Electric Boys - Psychedelic Eyes.rar
Extreme - More Than Words.rar
Extreme-Flight of.rar
Extreme-Get the.rar
Extreme-Hole hearted.rar
Extreme-Tragic comic.rar
Faith No More - Epic (Guitar).pdf
Faster Pussycat - HouseOfPain.pdf
FasterPussycat - Poison Ivy Song.pdf
Great White - House Of Brok.pdf
Harry Chapin-Cat's In the Cradle(SHEET).rar
INXS-Devil Inside.rar
Iron Maiden - Losfer
Iron Maiden-Aces High.rar
Iron Maiden-Rime of the ancient mariner.rar
Jimi Hendrix - Electric
Joe Satriani - Big Bad Moon.pdf
Joe Satriani - Cryin'.rar
Joe Satriani - The Extremist.rar
Joe Satriani - War.rar
JoeSatriani - I Believe.pdf
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest - thehellion_l.jpg
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
Judas Priest -
KingsX - OverMyHead.pdf
Led Zeppelin -
Limp Bizkit -
Lita Ford - Close My Eyes F.pdf
Living Colour - Funny Vibe .pdf
Lynrd Skynrd-Sweet Home.rar
Lynyrd Skynyrd -
Lynyrd Skynyrd - What'
Megadeth Song-Countdown2Extinction.rar
Metallica -
Metallica -
Metallica - Crash Course
Metallica -
Metallica - Last Caress-Green
Metallica -
Metallica-Until it sleeps.rar
Midnight Maniac - Krokus.rar
Motley Crue - knock_'em_dead kid jap.rar
Motley Crue - Wild Side Jap.rar
mr big - to be with you.rar
Night Ranger-Rock in America.rar
Ozzy - centre_of_eternity.rar
Ozzy - Facing Hell.pdf
Ozzy - FlyingHighAgain.pdf
Ozzy - Goodbye To Romance S.pdf
Ozzy - Goodbye To Romance.pdf
Ozzy - I Don't Know GFTPM.pdf
Ozzy - Mr Crowley.pdf
Ozzy - no_bone_movies.rar
Ozzy - Over The Mountain(GTR MG 2001).pdf
Ozzy -
Ozzy - steal_away.rar
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Kno.pdf
Ozzy Osbourne - Lightning S.pdf
Pantera -
PAntera - Cowboys From
Pat Benetar-HitMeWithYourBestShot.rar
Pink Floyd -
Pink Floyd -
Pink Floyd -
Poison - Unskinny Bop.pdf
Prince -
Queen -
Queen -
Queensryche - I Don't Belie.pdf
Ratt - You're In Love GFTPM.pdf
Ratt-Wanted Man.rar
Riverdogs -
Robert Johnson - Crossroads.pdf
Santana - Samba Pa Ti GFTPM.pdf
Santana -
Saraya - Back to the Bullet.rar
Saraya - Love Has Taken Its Toll.rar
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane(GTR MAG).zip
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane[Bass(GTR MAG)].zip
Shotgun Messiah - The Explorer(GTR).zip
Slipnot - Heretic
Soundgarden - My Wave.rar
Steely Dan - Reelin' In The.pdf
Steve Vai - For The Love Of.pdf
Steve Vai - I Would Love To.pdf
Stryper-Soldiers Under Command.rar
Tesla - Love Song GFTPM.pdf
Tesla - TheWayItIs.pdf
Testament - the ballad.rar
The Kinks - Lola GFTPM.pdf
The Listmaker.exe
The Rolling Stones - Rock A.pdf
Van Halen - human being.pdf
Van Halen - Right Now.pdf
Van Halen Master Class.pdf
Van Halen -Year To The Day(GTR).zip
Vince Neil - Cant have your cake.rar
Warrant - Uncle Toms Cabin.pdf
Yngwie Malmsteen - Amberdawn(JPN).pdf
ZZ Top - La Grange GFTPM wi.pdf


AC/DC: Whole Lotta Rosie, Thunder Struck, Hells Bells,
Aerosmith: Mama Kin, Walk This Way, Eat the Rich, Love in an Elevator, Sweet Emotion, Cry'in
Alannah Myles: Black Velvet,
Alice in Chains: Would?, Them Bones, We Die Young
Anthrax: Caught in a mosh(bass too), Skeletons in a Closet, Got the Time, Poison my eyes
Bach: Jesu, Bouree in E minor,
Badlands: High Wire
Beethoven: Ode to Joy
Black Sabbath: Sweat Leaf, Supernaut,
Blues Saraceno: Remeber When,
Bon Jovi: Livin' on a Prayer,
Boston: Peace cf Mind, Long time, More Than a Feeling
Butthole Surfers: Who was in my room...,
Chris Isaak: Wicked Game
Cinderella: Nobody's Fool, Gypsy Road, Shelter me,
Circus of Power: Heaven and Hell
Concrete Blond: Joey
Cream: Badge
Creedence Clearwater: Green River, Proud Mary,
Crosby, Stills and Nash: Helplessly hoping,
Damn Yankees; Coming of Age
Danzig: Her Black WIngs
David Bowie: Suffragette City, Space Oddity,
David Lee Roth: A Lil ain't enough, Hot Dog and a Shake, Damn Good,
Deep Purple: Smoke on the Water
Def Leppard: Women, Photograph
Derek and the Dominoes: Layla
Dio: Wild one
Dokken: Unchain the Night, Mr. Scary, Dream Warriors
Emerson Lake & Palmer: From the Beginning
Eric Clapton: I wish it would rain down, Sunshine of your love,
Eric Johnson: Song for George, Righteous, Zap, Cliffs of Dover
Extreme: More than Words, Mutha(dont wanna...), Decadence Dance, Pornograffiti, Hole Hearted, He man Woman hater, Flight of the..., Tragic Comic,
Faith No More: Falling to Pieces. A Small Victory,
Faster Pussycat: House of Pain
Frank Zappa: Dirty Love
Free: All Right now
George Thoroughgood: Bad to the Bone
Georgia Satelites: Keep Your hands...
Grateful Dead: Truckin',
Great White: Rock Me
Greg Howe: The pepper shake
Guns and Roses: Patience, Yesterdays, November Rain, Civil War, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o' mine, Rocket Queen, Paradise City, You could be mine, The Garden
Heart: Crazy on You, Barracuda
Helmet: Unsung
Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son(Album),
James Gang: Funk#49
Janes Addiction: Been Caught stealing
Jason Becker: Air
Jeff Beck: Goodbye Pork Hat, Where were you
Jeff Beck: Going Down
Jeff Healey: Confidence Man, While my guitar gently weeps
Jethro Tull: Aqualung, Crosseyed Mary,
Jimi Hendrix: The star spangled banner, Purple Haze, Manic Depression, The WInd Cries Mary, Castles made of Sand, Machine Gun, Come on(pt I), Hey Joe
Joe Satriani: Surfing with the Alien(album), Big Bad Moon,
Judas Priest: Locked In
Kansas: Point of no Return, Carry on Wayward Son
King Diamond: Abigail
Kings X: Summerland, Over My Head
Kiss: Forever, Cold Gin, Deuce
Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven, Over the Hills and Far away, Rock and Roll, Bron Yr Aur, Since I've been gone,
Lenny Kravitz: Are you gonna go my way.
Lita Ford: Close my eyes forever
Little Feat: Dixie Chicken
Living Color: Cult of Personality,
Los Lobos: La Bamba
Lynch Mob: Street Fighting Man, Wicked Sensation
Lynrd Skynrd: Freebird,
Mason Williams: Classical Gas
Megadeth: Go To Hell, Foreclosure of a dream, Lucretia, Holy Wars, Peace Sells but.... Hangar 18, Sweating Bullets,
Metallice: Orion, Fade to Black, The Call of ktulu, Sanitarium, The unicxgiven, Blackened, Battery, For whom the bell tolls, ride the lightning, ...and Justice for All(album), Stone Cold Crazy, Don't Tread on me, Seek and Destroy,Jump in the Fire, Wherever I May Roam, Sad But True, one, Through the never, Anesthesia(-)¬
Mother Love Bone: Stardog Champion
Motley Crue: Looks that kill, Home Sweet Home(piano/vocal), Dr. Feelgood, Shout at the Devil. Kickstart my Heart
Mr. Big: Addicted to that Rush, Alive and Kickin', Colorado Bulldog
Neil Young: The needle and damage done, Rockin in the free world,
Nirvana: Son of a Gun
Ozzy Osbourne: Mama fm coming home(bass and Guitar), Miracle Man, Crazy Train. Steal Away the night, Killer of Giants, Over The Mountain, Shot in the dark, Breaking all the Rules, Children of the Grave, No More Tears, Lightning Strikes
Paginini: Caprice no. 24
Pearl Jam: Once, State of Love and Trust
Pink Floyd: Hey You
Poison: Nothin' but a good time, Fall Unskinny Bop, Until you Suffer some, Pantera: This love, Mouth for War,
Primus: Jerry was..., Tommy the cat,
Prince: Purple Rain
Queen: Tie your mother down, Bohemian Rhapsody, We will Rock You,
Queensryche: Silent Lucidity, I don't believe in love, The Best I can, Eyes of a Stranger Contraband: All the way from memphis
R.E.M.: Man on the Moon, The one I love,
Rage Against the Machine: Bomb Track
Randy Rhoads: Laughing Gas
Ratt: Lovin' you's a..., You're in Love,
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Higher Ground, Suck my kiss(Bass), Knock Me Drnrn, Give it Away
Riverdogs: Toy Soldier, I Believe,
Robbie Robertson: The Weight
Robert Plant: What is and What should never be,
Rod Stewart: Maggie May
Rush: La Villa Strangiato, Freewill, Cold Fire, Distant Early Warning, Presto
Santana: Jingo, Incident at Neshabur, Samba Pa Ti,
Savatage: Gutter Ballet,
Scorpions: Under the Same Sun
Sepultura: refuse/resist
Skid Row: The Threat, 18 and Life,
Slaughter: Up All Night, Real Love, Fly to the Angels,
Slayer: War Ensemble, Dead Skin Mask, South of Heaven,
Smashing Pumpkins: Today
Soul Asylum: Somebody to shove, Runaway Train
Soundgarden: Outshined, Hands All Over, Rusty Cage
Spin Doctors: Two Princes
Steely Dan: My old School, Bodhisattva, Reeling in the Years,
Steve 5tevens: Man for all seasons
Steve Howe: I've seen all good people,
Steve Morse: Point of no return, Highland Wedding, Modoc, Point Counterpoint
Steve Vai: Eugene"s Trick Bag, I would love to, Call it Sleep, Deep down into the pain, Blue Powder & Amazing Grace, Damn Good,
Stevie Ray Vaughn: Mary Had A little Lamb, Lenny, Crossfire, Scuttle Buttin', The Sky is Crying. Love Struck Baby, Superstition,
Stone Temple Pilots: Plush,
Stu Hamm: The mystical potatce head..., Star Trek, Terminal Beach,
Sucidal Tendencies: Institutionalized
Temple of the Dog: Hunger Strike
Tesla: Love Song,
Testament: Souls of Black,
The Allman Brothers: Statesboro Blues, Ramblin' man, One Way out
The Beach Boys: California Girls
The Beatles: In my Life, Get Back, While my guitar..., Strawberry Fields Forever, Yesterday, Here comes the sun,
The Black Crowes: She Talks To Angels, Sting me,
The Byrds: Turn!turn! turn.
The Cult: Fire Woman
The Doors: LA Woman, Love Me 2 Times, Break on Through, Light My Fire,
The Jackson 5: I want you back
The Police: Every Breath you take,
The Pretenders: Brass in Pocket
The Replacements: Alex Chilton
The Rolling Stones: Rock and a hard place, Tumbling Dice, Wild Horses
The Smiths: Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Traveling Wilbury's: End of the Line
The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
The yard birds: Shapes of Things.
Thin Lizzy: The Bays are back...
Todd Rundgren: I saw the light
Tom Petty: Runnin Down a Dream, Refugee
Tool: Sober
T-Ride: Backdoor Romeo
U2: I still haven't found...
Ugly Kid Joe: Madman, Cat's in the Cradle
Urge Overkill: Sister Havana
Van Halen: Ain't Talkin' bout Love, Poundcake, Hot For Teacher, Mean Street, Best of Both Worlds, Runnin with the Devil, 316, Eruption, Right Now, Get Up
Warrant: Cherry Pie, Uncle Toms Cabin, 32 Pennies
White Lion: Wait, When the Children Cry, Little Fighter.
White Zombie: Thunder Kiss '65
Whitesnake: Crying in the Rain, Here I go again
Winger: Miles Away, You are the saint..., Headed For A Heartbreak, Seventeen,
Yes: Long Distance Runaround
Yngwie Malmsteen: Deja Vu, Heaven Tonight, Black Star, Dreaming, Spasebo Blues, Bedroom Eyes
ZZ Top: My heads in missippi, Tush, Legs


Accept: Balls to the Wall (PVG)
Accept: Metal Heart(PVG)
Guns N Roses: The Best of Guns N Roses Signature Guitar Licks book(Book Only)
Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys part 1(Photocopy of Japan Score book)
Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son(Hal Leonard guitar tab book)
Joe Satriani: Surfing with the alien(Cherry lane guitar tab book)
Metallica: Black Album(For easy guitar tab book)
Metallica: Justice for All(Cherry lane guitar tab book)
Pretty Maids: Scream(Japan Score book)
Salty Dog: Every Dog Has Its Day(Guitar tab book - NOT SCANNED)
Stryper: Isaiah 53:5(Guitar tab/sheet book - NOT SCANNED)
Tesla: Mechanical Resonance(Photocopy of Guitar tab book)


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